I Had An Arranged Marriage

This is a joke with a bit of truth about my marriage. My brother-in-law arranged it all. I was happily single at the time but my brother-in-law was not happy about my status and decided to take matters into his hand. He searched high and lo, to and fro until he found a fitting mate right there in the back pew of his church. 😉

He basically harassed my husband into attending an event I was going to. We hit it off immediately at the party but it ended there. This was not satisfactory to my brother-in-law. Oh, not at all. It simply wouldn’t do. Cupid was on vacation and he swooped in fastidiously to take over his role.

I later found out that he had taken my husband out to lunch, wrestled him down and demanded to know why he had not taken things further. I can only imagine what was going through my husband’s head. Maybe not quite psycho but somewhere in that region. To cut a long story short, my husband asked him to organise a date (which was kept a secret from me until an hour before he arrived) and the rest as they say is history.

We’ve been together 10 years today and I know my brother-in-law was my guardian angel. We lost our wedding venue, due to unplanned renovations, six months to our wedding which I think was an act of fate because we ended up getting married on my brother-in law’s birthday. No better way to say thank you.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!


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