Be Nice To Your Enemies

Someone did something that hurt me the other day and as all humans I wanted to retaliate or withdraw.  My natural instinct is to withdraw, particularly emotionally, and I have withdrawn permanently from a few relationships over the years simply because they weren’t good for me.

Hurt, bitterness, anger – these are toxic emotions and for someone like me who is quite emotional, it’s best not to let them take root at all otherwise it takes a root canal to get them out of my system.  So sometimes I may act like I’m naïve, feign ignorance and simply pretend I didn’t really get what was intended just because I want it to glide over me.  I have spent too much time having conversations with myself about what I should have done and how I should have said it and all the would have, could have, should haves whilst the perpetrator is seemingly at rest.  It’s just not a good place to be and I want less of those.

On those occasions when the poisoned arrow gets through me there is only one antidote- being nice to my assailant.  Crazy I know but in some weird way if I can show care  or do something nice or be genuinely civil to someone who has hurt me, I end up feeling a release from the pain of the hurt.  Don’t ask me how it works, it just does for me.  So this morning I sent a text to someone that I really should not care about; but I did it anyway.   I don’t care if they respond or not.  I just refuse to have toxins in my heart or body.  It’s not really about them but my well being. 

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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