Outing Myself As Weird

I went on a creative writing course some years ago and met this beautiful lady. We got talking and she happened to mention that she just had a civil partnership the summer before and then proceeded to tell me about the fact that her Australian partner’s family were very embracing of their union but her family were disappointed ever since she came out. I thought it was interesting that she went into all this detail with a stranger but hey, some people are just open like that.

During a break, a group of us went to lunch and this same lady mentioned that she was a pescatarian but had been a vegetarian for a long time. Her partner was a pescatarian and helped her though the transition. Apparently it is better to start with a little piece of fish, so I think she chose prawns or some white fish. Anyway, she then proceeded to talk about how distressed she was and how she had spent all night throwing up because she felt that the fish would possess her body or something along those lines (my memory fails me now). SO in order to make retribution for all the seafood she’ll be eating she decided to be buried at sea so she could give back to sea life. She said this like this was a beautiful thing – fish eating her corpse.

I stared to see if she was joking but not at all. This was a belief strong enough within her and she didn’t feel the need to filter it because it was her truth. Everyone else around the table seemed to be listening and no one said anything but I’m sure some were thinking one flew over the cuckoos nest!

Now here’s the thing. In a world that is becoming increasingly liberal and secular, I often feel that Christianity is viewed as a belief for weirdos. If this woman could get up before total strangers and spiel out weird and wonderful things about fish taking over her soul and spirit, then COME ON surely I am no more weird than she is for believing that a man died for my sins.

I believe in creationism. I believe in the Virgin birth. I believe we were all born sinners and only through faith in Jesus Christ can our souls be redeemed. I believe in eternal life – heaven or hell. I believe in miracles. I believe God speaks to us in many different ways. I believe everyone has a distinct purpose to fulfil on earth that was predestined before the world begun. I believe in angles and their presence on earth. I believe there is only one God, the maker of heaven and earth.

I believe in all these things so I guess that makes me weird too. I have a few regrets in life but I have never regretted my decision to become Christian despite all the many things that don’t make sense. I have seen the changes in my life and the lives of others and more that philosophy, this is a life changing experience that I wish everyone on earth would experience. For anyone curious about this weird lifestyle I live, check out Alpha, a fabulous organisation that runs a course on Christianity and gives an opportunity to ask critical questions; more importantly they leave you to make up your own mind.

I have long reconciled the fact that my faith is not intended to make any sense. Its intent is salvation – the reconciliation of God to mortals. It is the single most fulfilling and tangible experience of my life. Some people are looking for proof. I say I am all the proof I need. Christianity answers the question, ‘is there more to life than this’.

Jesus is my Jerry McGuire. From the moment He walked through the door, He had me at hello*.

*line from Jerry McGuire the movie


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