Takeoffs And Landings

“Trying to keep the number of landings equal to the number of takeoffs”. I spied this on Facebook the other day and found it really profound. As I read through all the other comments on the post it became obvious that it was actually a pilot who posted this comment and he referring to an actual takeoff. It was a ROTFL moment when I realised it wasn’t a metaphor.

As I child I used to daydream a lot. I distinctively remember numerous occasions when my mum bellowed ‘Tomi get out of the bath’ and callously fractured my reverie. Only heaven was aware of what most of my dreams were like. Sometimes they were about being famous; other times simply about a boy I liked in primary school. Some of my daydreams were so vivid that I could almost taste them. I’ve been a prolific song writer; an artiste (pie in the sky seeing as I can’t draw or paint); a journalist at the war front; a movie star; a super model; married to Rob Lowe (heart); I’ve also been Italian and fluent in the language which I can’t speak in reality. Where the mind can take you is unbelievable.

As an adult, I’ll have to admit that I am still a daydreamer. I’m an ideas person and I think if I’m being conservative, I generate three to five fresh ideas each day and work on another five previous ones. I have journals full of ideas and half wit plans. Sadly I also have a spreadhseet of ideas and I tick them off as the years go by (*covers eyes*). The thing is my ideas keep me alive and hopeful.

I have accepted, rather reluctantly, that though I am an ideas person, I don’t need to execute every single idea I get. I confess I still make a note of them just in case, in another time and space, they are doable. At the very least my ideas inspire me to dream bigger and aspire for a different life. However, there are some daydreams that I know for certain need to leap out of my dream world and into reality.

The challenge is knowing what dreams to birth and which ones to leave in never never land just like a village in a snow globe. Once in a while I’ll give it shake and be inspired but just like the snow globe, they’ll be safely encased never to be touched. When I was younger I could try and execute everything. I wrote songs, started a business, danced, sang in a choir and wrote articles. You name it, I probably did it. I unleashed myself on every desire I had and it worked for then. Now I’m older, a little wiser and aware that time has a boundary. So I need to be a lot more picky. The last thing I’d like is to do build up a dream and find out at the end that I have scaled the wrong ladder. Doh! I’m too old for that.


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