Breakfast in Car

Tea at the Ritz, Breakfast in Bed, and now introducing “Breakfast in Car”. Don’t know about you but I hate the early morning rush with my kids and the pressure of the school run. Getting my kids to finish their breakfast in time before we jump in the car; correction, getting my daughter to finish her breakfast (as my son is quite quick) is usually an uphill struggle.

One day last school term, I decided I couldn’t stress anymore; simply for my mental well-being. No matter how much I yelled or threatened or counted to ten; it was the same result!

Truth be told, breakfast in the car began as a way to let my daughter know she couldn’t get away with not finishing her food. However, that punishment has now worked in my favour as now I don’t even bother thinking breakfast will be had at the table. Once it’s time to leave, they pack up whatever is left of their breakfast (which by the way they can now make themselves – wooo hoo) and we make it to school on time. I’m not stressed and we’re not late.


I’m distinctly a aware that I won’t be smug forever. They’ll be something else to overcome next school term but I am grateful for breakfast in car. It’s been tried, tested and proven. It works!



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